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About BASI Pilates Academy Johannesburg

At BASI Pilates Academy, our goal is to change lives through the art and science of Pilates. We are a full-service Pilates studio offering Pilates classes, private sessions, and semi-private sessions both locally and globally.  We also proudly offer year-round BASI Pilates teacher training programs and continued and advanced education for Pilates instructors.


Its fresh, bright environment and the friendly staff of the BASI Pilates Academy welcomes you to the perfect place to achieve your fitness goals.  Whether it’s to gain greater core strength, reduce back pain, improve athletic performance, retrain post-injury or simply to stay pain-free.

Because our studio also serves as an education centre for Pilates professionals, our team of high calibre instructors range from apprentice through to senior instructors. The BASI Pilates teacher training program, based on the values of Passion, Compassion, Commitment and Excellence, ensures that every trainer takes you through a consistently thorough, well-rounded session, resulting in a balanced, full-body workout.

Contact us today to schedule a tour of our studio and learn more about how to get started.

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