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Pilates through Pregnancy and Beyond

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Pregnancy for many women is a wonderful time to consolidate one’s mind, body and spiritual practice. ‘Being with child’ enables a woman to naturally tune into the sacredness of life while the gift of life is evolving within. Exercise is a wonderful starting point for a soon-to-be mother to relax and connect with her body and the baby. Exercising mindfully and correctly will develop strength, flexibility and help alleviate common pregnancy discomforts and also help a mother to recover after the birth. Pregnancy is not an intellectual process but it is advisable for the mother to read up on it as much as possible to educate herself. It is a 9 month journey to prepare the expectant mother for what lies ahead. This preparation cannot be crammed in at the end. The connection of mind and heart together is what changes this experience into an incredible journey. It is a time to slow down and to build up reserves of energy. As a Pilates trainer, remember the soon-to-be mother’s emotional state is felt strongly by the baby. So deal with the mother’s sensitivity carefully first, then add the exercise to her life.

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