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Awareness is the key to successful change.

Awareness is the key to successful change. Being consistent in your commitment will bring about the changes.

Take a look at yourself in the mirror. Notice what you notice and continue to stand still as you scan your body with your eyes. What do you notice about the alignment of your two feet, the direction of the knee caps, the level of your two hip bones, the shoulders in relation to the pelvis and the head position over the shoulder girdle? Are there differences left to right? Is there perhaps a rotation bringing one arm further forward over the one thigh? From a side view, is the earlobe inline with the shoulder joint, greater trochanter and the ankle bone on the outside? How deep are your curves in your spine? Do the excessive curves change the imaginary straight postural line down the side of the body, or do these bony structures create a new constellation?

With this awareness, you have the opportunity to take responsibility for your own posture and body alignment. Visual feedback is the first step to making change. Being willing to receive verbal and where possible tactile corrections from your favourite BASI Pilates instructor will reinforce the subtle corrections that will give you the postural changes your body will benefit from. Awareness is such a powerful principle and where change has the possibility of birthing.

When you are lying on your back on the mat, notice the feedback the floor is giving you. Become aware. Do you have equal pressure on both feet, both posterior hip bones and scapular? How are you setting up to achieve a successful movement pattern that brings about change? To address the process of realigning the body, awareness and mindfulness of the structures and how they move is key.

Connecting the mind and body through mindful movement and committing to better postural alignment through awareness will start changing your body for the better, one movement at a time.

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