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Make time to breathe ... Moms...

We all know the many benefits to staying active, fitness, weight management, increased strength, flexibility but an additional reason to exercise is: - OUR KIDS!!!

One of the best ways in making that commitment to yourself is doing Pilates. Making that one on

one time for yourself is imperative for your mental health and stress levels as you juggle the

demands of motherhood. It is also totally liberating not fretting about your to-do list during that one hour that is totally for you.

Pilates leaves one feeling refreshed, connected and energised. The mindfulness of every

movement and lateral breathing helps anyone not just moms to function with a clearer mind

especially after months and months of lockdown cabin fever, homeschooling and quarantini’s

Personally, I have experienced a lightness and joy during every Pilates session that brings a sense

of calmness. The joy of being fully present once experienced is totally addictive. Time seems to

just fly by despite the sometimes agonising 10-second hold which is more like 20 seconds but the

benefits are long-lasting, hopefully long enough to handle that tantrum that welcomes you home.

What I know for sure though is if Pilates is not a feature of my week at least 2 times a week I feel

completely disconnected, unbalanced and definitely more overwhelmed as a Mom.

Taking care of yourself means you will effectively be taking care of your family too.

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