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Pilates is for everyone

This is a statement that senior citizens may probably not believe, but it is true. Senior citizens who have started Pilates, quite often as a recommendation from a physiotherapist, have testified that, after a few sessions, they became aware that it’s not too late in life to improve how you move. Awareness that it is possible to move better, with more ease. The joy of agility and wellbeing is rekindled.

A Pilates class is all about awareness. Becoming aware of your body and its uniqueness. Awareness of how your body moves and learning to detect and correct movement pattern faults. Awareness of imbalances in strength or flexibility.

This awareness then expands beyond the Pilates session to imbue everyday life. You will become

aware of bad posture and correct yourself. As posture improves, so does confidence and general

well-being, enabling you to cope better, feel better and also look better. All of your daily activities

will be performed with greater flexibility, coordination and ease of movement. This is healthier for

your entire body.

Pilates gets you to think, focus, listen to your body, and most importantly, inspires you to come back for more.

Because Pilates is adaptable, it can help manage specific conditions. Pilates exercises can be

performed non-weight-bearing while lying, reclining, or seated. It’s low-impact, which is especially beneficial for ageing joints. Pilates can assist with rehabilitation from surgical procedures like hip replacement or knee surgery. Pilates exercises can be modified to best suit the individual needs of seniors, including those who have osteoporosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, or other conditions.

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