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Principal Faculty Member and Owner

Globally recognised Pilates aficionado and Principal BASI Faculty Presenter. Co-founder of Body Mechanix Wellness Centre.

With 23 years of Royal Academy of Dance ballet training and having studied the New York Method of Pilates previously, Ashley met her mentor Rael Isacowitz in 2000 and immediately fell in love with the BASI Pilates Method. She re-did her Pilates training under Rael and started teaching as a BASI Pilates instructor in 2001. Ashley is also qualified to teach Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis. 

In 2004 Body Mechanix Wellness Centre - now BASI Pilates Academy Johannesburg became a host studio for BASI Comprehensive and Mat Teacher Training Courses.

Ashleys’ speciality is in Advanced and Continued education.  She developed “Pilates Through Pregnancy and Beyond”,  and many other specialised programs which she teaches around the globe  - in person or online.



Kim is the go-to girl for any queries or bookings. She joined the Body Mechanix Team as the Studio Manager and Ashley’s PA

in June 2015.
No stranger to the health and fitness world, Kim has been teaching Aquasize for over nine years and fits right in with the studio family. Her warm and welcoming attitude plays an integral role in assisting both clients and instructors.


Senior Trainer

Coming from a strong athletic background, Hilde became a certified BASI Pilates instructor in 2005. She joined Ashley at Body Mechanix in 2007 and is one of the Senior Trainers at the studio.

Her clients range from athletes to mothers-to-be, from men and women wanting to improved muscle tone, to sportspeople working through injuries. Hilde is renowned for her ability to read

a body. Her expertise encompasses the art of muscle activation, as well as pre and post-pregnancy training.

Hilde also offers Ozone therapy at Body Mechanix. A deeply relaxing, detoxing and healing process that has become a must-do all over the world.


Senior Trainer

Mel is a devoted instructor whose commitment to her clients’ progress is focused on helping them achieve their potential through movement and exercise. She concentrates specifically on improving posture, spinal flexibility and muscle strength.
Mel attained her American Council Certification in 1990, while studying Microbiology, Zoology and PR. After graduating from the BASI Comprehensive Teacher Training Course, she achieved further accreditation in Pilates Through Pregnancy and Beyond, Movement Anatomy, Pilates for Pathologies and Injuries and

Low-Pressure Fitness.



Chelsea-Ann, better known as Chi, graduated with a BA Honours in psychology, drama and education. While at Rhodes University she qualified as a BASI (Body Art and Science International) Pilates instructor, as well as completing the Gyrokinesis course.
Chi’s clients, from here to Dubai, California, Italy and France, benefit from her passion for movement that she applies to all their different needs.
As an enthusiastic triathlete, it is her knowledge of the inter-relationship of body and mind that allows her to incorporate the ideal exercises to enhance your physical capabilities.


Junior Trainer

During her years as a ballet dancer, Melissa often found herself working through injuries. It was then that she began to learn the benefits of Pilates in posture, movement, flexibility and, most important of all, injury prevention. She began her teaching career with Body Mechanix Wellness Centre in July 2017 after completing her Comprehensive Teacher Training Course at the studio that same year. Combined with her love of dance and love of people she finds Pilates the perfect platform to combine her passion with her career for the benefit of her clients.


Junior Trainer

Vivienne hails from the dance world, training in ballet and modern dance from a young age.
After successfully running a dance studio for over 20 years, Viv closed her studio to focus on her family and started doing Pilates as a way to stay fit, strong and flexible. Falling in love with the method, Viv completed her BASI Mat Instructor training in 2015 and BASI Comprehensive training in 2018. She is inspired to help you achieve the most balanced, efficiently functioning body possible.


Junior Trainer

Having a competitive and athletic background in sports, Kate soon found the benefits of strength, performance and rehabilitation by integrating Pilates into sporting and exercise programmes. In 2019, Kate started the BASI Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training Course under the training of her internationally renowned mentor, Ashley Ritchie, and has joined the Body Mechanix team as a Junior Trainer.
Having studied Psychology, Nursing and Montessori pre-school teaching, Kate has a broad knowledge of physical illness, mental illness and how to better your lifestyle by finding a balance between the two. This makes the BASI Pilates method, which incorporates a mind, body, spirit connection, an ideal discipline

for her.


Junior Trainer

After graduating with her BA Honours in Strategic Brand Communications, Kristie-Kim felt a career change would be beneficial to her learning and became a teaching assistant. While pursuing a career in teaching, she qualified as a BASI (Body Art and Science International) Mat Pilates Instructor in 2015. Having had a competitive background in Modern dance and Equine sports from a young age, Kristie has a good understanding of movement and the relationship between mind and body. 

Kristie-Kim recently closed her home studio in order to expand her knowledge and experience and has started her BASI Comprehensive Teachers Training Course. She has also recently joined the Body Mechanix team as a Junior Trainer under the
mentorship of internationally renowned, Ashley Ritchie.


Junior Trainer

Vivienne Van Heerden is a professional interior designer with an athletic background.
She qualified in 2019 as a BASI Mat Instructor. It is her love of art, design, movement and precision that inspires her to focus on detail and technique. Vivienne has experience with clients whom have physical restrictions and it is within the BASI Pilates teaching and methodology that she herself found healing. After meeting her mentor Ashley in 2019, Pilates has rooted itself deeper into her way of life, enabling her to better teach and understand her clients. Pilates and the many benefits it offers has inspired her to inspire others through the art of movement.


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